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Infomation, advice and ideas offered by regular visitors

I'm adding articles from the old site as and when I get the time.

My Gig's in 2 days and I can't speak!  by Joan Coffey
Cold & flu viruses quake in their little boots as Auntie Joan declares war on a singers worst nightmare.
Singing Needn't Be Scary  by Joan Coffey
Joan describes how she learned singing technique and offers valuable tips that all of us will find useful.
Wrist easy: RSI and musicians  by TripF
TripF shares his experiences of RSI.
Writers Block (Kicking down the wall)  by Stephen A Chin
Before you throw in the towel or pull your hair out, let Stephen help you find that spark of inspiration.
It's In There Somewhere...  by Stephen A Chin
Further ideas to get you past writers block.